Intel Research Day  

Intel said it can accommodate 40 percent more callers on its WiMax wireless networks by grouping similar voice-over-Internet-Protocol calls together. Grouping the calls means the WiMax base station can issue commands in bulk rather than individually, reducing the overhead of the communications and freeing up capacity for more callers, explains C/Net.

The above map shows the Portland, Oregon, region. The technology was one of many Intel Labs projects that researchers demonstrated at Intel Research Day at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., on Thursday.

The company also showed off a new variation on wireless power transmission, running a speaker without any other power source. Two flat copper coils are used in the technology, each tuned to resonate at a particular frequency.

Intel Research Day featured nearly 40 projects and concepts in areas like eco-technology, 3-D Internet, enterprise IT and wireless mobility. A LiveStream episode was available every hour.

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