BBC Apologizes for Misleading Wi-Fi Scare  

The BBC has publicly apologised for a report in their documentary series Panorama in which they broadcast misleading facts on the risks of Wi-Fi broadband, reports Broadband Genie.

The Panorama investigation (video) claimed that radiation levels in some schools were up to three times the level found in the main beam of intensity from mobile phone masts. The program included a request that Wi-Fi technology should be tested under the same schemes as mobile phone masts.

During the program, three scientists were shown expressing concern over the possible health effects of using Wi-Fi in schools.

However, only one interview was conducted with a scientist who defended the use of Wi-Fi. The interview with this independent Wi-Fi supporter was deemed to be “unfair” compared to the treatment of the other scientists.

Panorama featured spaghetti harvesting from trees, back in April, 1957 (video).

The BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit (ECU) condemned Panorama for a poorly balanced report, which gave a “misleading impression of the state of scientific opinion on the issue”.

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