Intel’s WiFi/WiMax Card: $50  

Intel has unveiled the prices for its upcoming Echo Peak WiMAX/Wi-Fi card and Shirley Peak Wi-Fi “n” modules with volume shipments for Montevina-based notebooks, says Digitimes. They are expected to begin shipping from the second and third quarters of this year.

According to Intel data, the Echo Peak wireless module will support both WiMAX and 802.11n technologies and will be available in prices ranging from US$43-54, depending on specifications. Meanwhile, the Shirley Peak module will support only 802.11n technology with prices between US$19-30. Montevina-based notebooks will be known as Intel Centrino 2.

The launch of Echo Peak and Shirley Peak wireless modules is expected to accelerate migration to 802.11n products and to push down prices.

With Montevina-based products expecting to account for over 50% of Intel’s shipments of notebook platforms by the fourth quarter of 2008, the penetration rate of 802.11n devices is expected to see a surge in that quarter or in the first half of 2009.

Taiwan-based network-equipment makers, including Asustek, Gemtek and Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), are likely to be the contract makers for the Echo Peak and Shirley Peak modules.

For UMPC and MID devices, Intel may be advancing its next-generation ultra-mobile platform – codenamed “Menlow” – from late 2008 to the first half of 2008, says Digitimes.

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