3.65GHz WiMAX Rolls Out  

Webformix announced the launch of several WiMAX transmitters throughout Central Oregon this week. Webformix says they are the first to launch 3.65GHz WiMAX service on the West Coast.

“WiMAX not only allows us to offer a huge increase in speed and range over traditional WiFi technology, but also meets security requirements for HIPAA and military applications,” said Eric Ozrelic, CEO of Webformix. Both businesses and residents can use the service, starting at $40 per month.

The Bend Bulletin reviews area competitors including cable ISP BendBroadband, Qwest DSL and cellular data services and Clearwire. Others include Bend-based I Love My WiFi a WiFi-based service started in 2006 and Community Broadband, based in Redmond.

The 3.65 GHz service will offer competitive rates with BendBroadband and Qwest, says the company.

Webformix WiMAX service is available in Bend now and will be available throughout Central Oregon, including homes and businesses in Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Powell Butte, Madras and Crooked River Ranch, across approximately 2,500 square miles, by July 1st, says the company.

Metro WISP Towerstream has completed a trial using Alvarion 3.65 GHz WiMAX gear, and is planning a major market rollout reports Telephony Magazine.

Towerstream’s wireless backhaul services in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Dallas have all used pre-WiMAX equipment from Aperto Networks and Alvarion, most in the 5.8 GHz unlicensed frequencies. Towerstream plans to use Alvarion 3.65 GHz gear going forward in all new deployments.

Towerstream won’t retire any of its current equipment, but the ISP will now use WiMAX gear on its T-1 replacement services. For larger companies, Towerstream will continue to use dedicated point-to-point links supplied by DragonWave and Ceragon Networks.

Towerstream’s new 3.65 GHz gear, like others using the 3.65 GHz band, requires all operators to register their equipment in the markets they deploy in. While competitors may use the same spectrum, they must to do it in coordination with one another, creating an unlicensed band with some protections to its users.

Rapid Link is also offering voice and data via 3.65 GHz WiMax service in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to the public.

Matt Liotta, Chief Technology Officer of Rapid Link, states, “We are clearly ahead of the competition and the technology power curve with this offering. Rapid Link is proud to be a licensed WiMax carrier offering this breakthrough service to our foundation of customers in the greater Atlanta area.”

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