Clearwire supports EC decision on WiMAX mobility  

Clearwire Corporation today announced its applause and support for the European Commission, following its Decision last week to harmonise 3400 ~ 3800 MHz radio frequencies in Europe, which will pave the way to mobility in this spectrum band.

In Europe, Clearwire uses 3.5 GHz spectrum in a footprint that covers more than 200 million people in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Romania, and Spain.

Benjamin G. Wolff, chief executive officer of Clearwire, said the EC Decision “gives us and the investment community greater certainty and confidence with respect to the opportunity to deliver mobile ‘true broadband’ wireless services…. This is an essential milestone in Clearwire’s continuing efforts to deploy our mobile WiMAX networks across Europe.”

The EC Decision mandates that members of the European Community must make the 3.5 GHz frequency range available for fixed, nomadic and mobile electronic communications networks. Wolff added that “further harmonization will favor pan-European roaming amongst these frequencies.”

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