WiMAX will enable mobile Web 2.0  

At the Computex technology trade show yesterday, Intel executive Sean Maloney said that “the convergence of mobile computers, WiMAX wireless broadband, and powerful, HD-rich computer technologies point to a tremendous growth opportunity.”

Maloney unveiled new versions of Intel chipsets that will will bring the Internet to new users. “People have an innate desire to be ‘connected’ all the time and see personalized, mobile technology as the way to meet that need,” Maloney said.

Speed will be one of the key requirements for future mobile technology to deliver the capabilities of Web 2.0, and Maloney said that “Mobile WiMAX is the right solution and it’s happening now.”

In July, Intel is set to introduce processors and chipsets for high-performance laptops with its Intel Centrino 2 (formerly codenamed Montevina) processor technology. An integrated WiMAX/WiFi solution (codenamed Echo Peak) will be available as an option for some Centrino 2 notebook PCs later this year in America.

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