Importance of the transmittig antenna gain for the Base station  

As per my RF design i am getting +40dBm Tx power at the antenna port after subctracting the insertion loss and Returm loss of Balun and TDD switch, the same Power(+40dBm)is fed to TX directional antenna, My Question is ,Will the TX Antenna gain(G) would help to increase radiated power more than 42dBm?

Please help me in understanding more on the inportance of antenna Gain(G)?

Forward power consists of transmit power minus cable and connector loss, minus combiner loss (if applicable) plus atnenna gain (in dbi) = EIRP

Example: 20 Watts = +43 dbm - 3 db cable loss = +40 dbm, plus 15 dbi of antenna gain = +55 dbm EIRP

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