Seamless Video Service Connecting Video in RSS Feeds With Mobile  

Europe UK : Mobile content portal 'Mippin' announces the launch of revolutionary video functionality for its global community of users, delivering the millions of clips referenced in RSS feeds to mobile data users worldwide.

In a joint technology development between market leaders Refresh Mobile and, the service will convert and distribute flash-based RSS video content of any publisher, from international publishing companies through to independent bloggers.

The process will see video transcoded automatically to the .3gp mobile standard in real-time for viewing on users' handsets. In keeping with the popularity of video streaming on the internet, almost any content hosted on the web will be made available, including some channel content previously unavailable for mobile. Videos will be available throughout Mippin wherever a clip is included by a publisher.

The service will give users the ability to search and view video immediately on request, providing a choice of preview, streaming and download options. Robin Jewsbury, Co-Founder and VP of Technology comments "Mippin prides itself in delivering perfectly formatted content for almost any device, so it's great to offer pictures, text and now video in such high quality. But we're also thrilled to offer Mippin users a new way to discover video on mobile."

Recently passing its 10 millionth page view since launch and with growth accelerating sharply, the Mippin portal provides mobile web users with an extensive catalogue of content for mobile devices. With the inclusion of video, Mippin enhances the relationship between mobile web users and content publishers by delivering the full range of originally published content. As with the rest of Mippin, features such as rating, sharing and uploading to social networking sites will be available for video too.

"With the launch of video, we're responding to demand from Mippin users as well as fulfilling an exciting ambition for the service," commented Robin Jewsbury. "We've successfully complemented Mippin's existing content and personalisation offerings according to the requests of our users." To deliver video for Mippin, Refresh Mobile partnered with, a leading direct-to-consumer mobile search and transcoding video delivery company offering support for popular internet media formats.

Refresh Mobile Refresh is the company behind the award-winning Mobizines. The firm is backed by Accel, where it joins many of today's best known new technology brands, including Facebook, RealNetworks, WeeWorld, Brightcove and more. allows users to search any video on the web and play it on their mobile phone without the need to download an application. A free service, it is the most widely used true mobile video search site in the world.

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