Satellite and 3G Cellular Networks for Universal Internet Access  

US : Top Global has released a new 3G/4G SMART Router ( inset ) ( Model: MB6800M ). This router is Top Global's third generation router with unique Satellite Mobile Access Routing Technologies (SMART) enable it to combine both 3G cellular terrestrial and Satellite networks to offer unprecedented speed, reliability, quality of service, and security for voice, video, and data communication anywhere in the world.

Top Global's Satellite Mobile Access Routing Technologies (SMART) makes MB6800M an ideal solution for SMBs, Multi-national Enterprises, Military, Government as well as all the vertical industries who need reliable anywhere anytime internet connectivity. The SMART Router MB6800M offers the following advanced technologies:

- Multi-Link Bandwidth Sharing Technology.
The MB6800M delivers intelligent load sharing to maximize bandwidth and throughput over both Satellite and 3G Cellular networks. The MB6800M works with all 3G standards (including UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, EVDO, EVDO Rev.A) and networks in over 40 countries. It can also work with Satellite networks/data modems in C-Band, Ku-Band, and Ka-Band.

- Dynamic Air-Link Monitoring and Link Integrity for virtually 100% always-on internet access.
Patented Link Integrity and link monitoring feature keeps the network alive, offering professional tool for network administrator to do better management for wireless access

- Top Security with built-in Firewall and VPN.
Powerful firewall including Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Network Address Translation (NAT), Mac Filtering, Anti-Attach and URL filtering to against malicious network attacks and intrusions. The MB6800M also comes with built-in IPSec VPN supporting ESP/AH/3DES/DES/MD5/SHA-1 encryptions which offer Enterprises maximum security and protection.

- Dynamic QoS with Real-Time Bandwidth & Latency Optimization
This feature enable end-to-end IP based QoS for video/audio application, provides a flexible mechanism for optimal scheduling of resources over the air interface

- Proprietary Packetization, Scheduling and Traffic Sorting Algorithm
This feature optimize the structure and size of IP packet, increase reliability of the transmission and reduce package lost rate of wireless networks. Sorting and scheduling feature enable time-sensitive traffic such as audio/video with higher priority for delivery

- Remote Central Management, Network Monitoring, and Control Capabilities.
SMART MB6800M supports wireless group management using the Remote Central Management (RCM) server. Network administrator can log-on the RCM server from any computer on internet to monitor and manage all the MB6800M around the world. Configurations can be changed, firmware can be upgraded remotely over the air, device can be rebooted from the server, there is no need for an engineer on-site to set up or install the SMART router.

- High reliability and network availability and resilience for business continuity and disaster recovery.
In addition to be able to use both air-links at the same time, the SMART MB6800M, can also allow the user to configure one link as primary and the other as back-up. Its built-in auto fail-safe technology will automatically switch on the back up network when the primary link is down, and switch back to the primary network when it's back up. Thus, multiple WAN connections offer the best redundancy with maximum bandwidth and make your network reliable and available at all time.

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