Mobile WiMAX at World Congress  

The WiMAX Forum today announced that 28 Mobile WiMAX products in the 2.3 GHz and 2.5 GHz frequency bands have been submitted for WiMAX Forum certification since WiMAX Forum labs began accepting applications from vendors in late 2007. The first Mobile WiMAX products are expected to achieve the WiMAX Forum Certified seal of approval in Q2 2008 and to reach the market later this year.

The organization also announced its official support for Mobile WiMAX certification in the 700 MHz band. Work on the technical specifications for 700 MHz WiMAX Forum certification is already underway in the association’s working groups. The published specifications will be unveiled as they are completed and they will support both TDD and FDD certification profiles.

“With more than 260 commercial WiMAX deployments rolled-out on a global basis, WiMAX technology is the only commercially available OFDMA-based wireless technology,” said Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum.

The WiMAX Forum media luncheon featured testimonials from global service providers, including Freedom4, Iberbanda, KDDI, Korea Telecom and SprintNextel and who each indicated the readiness of WiMAX technology with certified products and the optimization of WiMAX networks for broadband data services as key motivators in selecting WiMAX technology for their next generation services.

TelecomTV has video reports from Mobile World Congress 2008 (above).

Other WiMAX announcements at the big show in Barcelona:

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