T-Mobile Launches 3G HSDPA MDA Vario III  

T-Mobile announced the launch of the much-anticipated MDA Vario III. The Vario III takes PDA handsets to the next level, with a unique tilting screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard which makes it even easier for those who want to continue their work or surf the Internet on the move.

As one of the first handsets with 3.6 Meg HSDPA, the Vario III will provide the highest quality Internet, video calling and email experience available on a mobile device.

Coupled with T-Mobile’s web’n’walk service, the Vario III is set to give users the ultimate mobile experience, as they will be able to explore any site on the Internet as they would on their PC.

Key features of the MDA Vario III:
Unique and stylish design with tilting touch screen
One of the first devices to market with 3.6 Meg HSDPA
Web’n’walk enabled – surf the real open Internet as you would on your PC
Built-in GPS, with CoPilot SatNav software as an option
Windows Mobile 6 – access and edit familiar applications on the move
In-built Wi-Fi capability
3 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus
Supports Microsoft Direct Push

The MDA Vario III will be available from 28th September. The device is from free when purchased on the Flext 50 tariff.

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