Xohm: Open, Open, Open  

Sprint’s WiMAX service is going open platform in a big way, says Jason Hiner of Tech Republic:

Later this year, Sprint will release open APIs and a software development kit (SDK) so that hardware and software makers can develop solutions to take advantage of Sprint’s mobile WiMAX network. Both Barry West, Sprint’s CTO, and Atish Gude, the senior vice president of Xohm operations, have unequivocally confirmed these plans.

Gude stated that Sprint plans to release the SDK and open APIs by the end of the year. Some examples of this code include location services (for maps and local information), QoS (which game developers and VoIP providers could jump on), identity management, and device management.

“This level of diversity [of partners] is far exceeding the 3G world,” said Gude. “We’re starting to light the fire with a much broader ecosystem than 3G… In the 3G world, the carrier decided who was the winner and loser [in devices].” With WiMAX, Sprint wants to let the market decide.

“Picking devices is not our business. We will not brand them ‘Xohm.’ We might say ‘Xohm Inside,’” Gude said.

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