Fujitsu & Airspan Jointly Market Mobile WiMAX  

Fujitsu Network Communications, announced today the BroadOne WX series of mobile WiMAX base stations. Fujitsu says they are among the smallest, most power-efficient in the industry and are positioned for the fast-emerging global wireless broadband industry. The first base station launched in the series is the BroadOne WX300 outdoor macrocell base station.

The base stations are said to consume low levels of power, deliver superior performance, and, as the smallest base stations available, are easy to install. Fujitsu plans to provide three base station models designed for the 2.5 GHz and 2.3 GHz frequency bands.

The first model is the BroadOne WX300 outdoor macrocell base station (right) which is configured as a single, lightweight unit covering a radius of almost two miles. The second model, a compact outdoor microcell base station, is designed for transmission over a nearly 1,000 foot radius to fill in areas with with poor coverage. The third model is an indoor, ultra-compact picocell base station.

All base stations will support Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology operating in both Matrix A and B to improve system performance. With these models, Fujitsu says it will provide mobile broadband solutions for all types of environments and needs. The low weight combined with a volume of less than one cubic foot makes this unit the world’s smallest outdoor macrocell base station in its power class.

Meanwhile, Airspan Networks today announced they had signed a four-year cooperation agreement with Fujitsu (pdf) to jointly build Mobile WiMAX Base Stations. Airspan’s MacroMAXe, is essentially the same as Fujitsu’s Mobile WiMAX product, also announced today. It features dual 40dBm (10W) radios with 2×2 MIMO delivering up to 60dBm EiRP with the integrated antennas.

Key Product Details:

  • Spectrum: 2.3-2.4 and 2.5-2.7 GHz Bands
  • High Power: two 10W channels with no cable loss
  • Software Defined Baseband
  • All-Outdoor: fully integrated (GPS, Sector Aggregation, and Fiber
  • Compact: < 20 Litres
  • 20-MHz Channels: with Dual-MAC/PHY architecture (2 x 10 MHz per unit)
  • High-Capacity: 75 Mbit/s

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